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Have the leadership candidates been co-operating?

When Alex Baker asked LabourList back in June ‘when are our leadership candidates going to start co-operating?’ it was at the beginning of a long, long summer of debate and soul-searching in the party looking for a credible figure to lead us in opposition and be Labour’s Prime Minister. After dozens of hustings, hundreds of … Continue reading

Primarily missing the point: the debate on primaries distracts us from real efforts to include the public in our democracy

This article appeared on LabourList as part of my guest editorship: Much has been made in recent weeks of the benefits or otherwise of primaries in choosing our elected representatives. Questions of who pays, who votes and who is left out crop up time and again. It’s an understandable response to the battering our democratic system has … Continue reading

Was Oscar winner’s feud formed at the Warehouse Theatre?

In musing on the Warehouse Theatre’s current play, Drood, Mark Shenton of The Stage tells a story about the roots of a theatrical spat down under, which might trace its roots back to a play in Croydon at the Warehouse over a decade ago. In his blog entry, “Emigrating to Croydon”, Mark highlights the suggestion … Continue reading

Finding the best person for Croydon Central

UPDATE: 15 June The really exciting thing so far about the Labour Party’s process to select our candidate for Croydon Central is that there is such a strong field. Lots of good people with solid experience and a real hunger to go out there, lead an energetic campaign and kick Andrew Pelling out. Better still … Continue reading