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Community Freshview coming back to Brixton Hill

Layout 1Community Freshview is a brilliant initiative. Council officers provide a few tools and a bit of know-how and local residents get to give their street a big clean-up. Hedges get trimmed, garden walls get painted and in many streets residents have created new planters to bring a bit of colour to neglected patches.

Next weekend on the morning of 12 October, Community Freshview is coming to Sudbourne Road in Brixton Hill. If you’re a resident of that road and need some help with your front garden or want to help your neighbours, come and join in.

And if you live elsewhere in Lambeth, you can organise a Community Freshview in your patch.

Have a look at what residents of Hayter Road achieved last month – they even got a road closure to help them really make a difference and made seven new planters.

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