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#meatcrawl – burgers, brisket & Banglatown

A tangle of chops at Tayyabs

Yesterday was #meatcrawl day, a trip round London feasting on beef, pork and lamb at some of the most hyped spots for carnivores. First up The Rye in Peckham, the latest place the Meatwagon has parked. The barman raved about the burger before we’d even sat down – hand-chopped steak, all assembled for you, perfect bun blah blah. I opted for the chilli burger – they didn’t skimp on the jalapeno, that’s for sure. For my first try it wasn’t a great choice as the meat was buried in the chilli flavour, but it was a great tasting if not terribly pretty burger. It’s good to have a bun that doesn’t fall apart under the pressure of cheese and sauce and at just £7 it outclasses many pub burgers at twice the price. I guess I’m just not a fan of burgers enough that I’d be blown away by this one (apart from the chilli blast of course).

The Meatwagon's Chilli Burger

On to the South Bank, home to Pitt Cue Co. for the rest of the summer. By this time it was raining hard and the Pitt boys were pretty miserable, nothing like the queues they’d had under drizzly Hungerford Bridge the previous two days. That meant we had a great chat, leading to generous portions and some insight into how they work. But onto business, starting with my highlight of the day, a pickleback – a shot of bourbon followed by a shot of sweet & sour pickle juice with strips of pork crackling on the side. Plenty of other Southern cocktail options  but this got the stomach ready for the meaty treats to come.

And treats they were. First up, pulled pork with fennelly slaw and some artisanal bread – a generous portion but not heavy, plenty of veg to avoid a protein overload. Extra slaw was provided to keep the vegetarian in our group occupied, while the rest of us shared some unctuous brisket on lentils with rye bread on the side. Both meat dishes were superb, soft and flavoursome without being cloying, a result of 15 hours worth of slow cooking. Can’t wait to go back to try the ribs and chicken.

After a stop at Canteen for tea and cake to up our vegetarian’s carb levels, it was on to Whitechapel for round three of #meatcrawl. (On each visit, Canteen seems to be more impersonal, more functional, less appealing. Shame really.)

Tayyabs has a lot to live up to, with tales of queueing for hours for their fabulous lambchops. There was a long queue when we arrived, inside thanks to the rain but round the edge of the restaurant. After two minutes however, we were whisked to a table past the others waiting – our lucky number had come up. Despite the onset of meatsweats, we managed to polish off deliciously soft seekh kebabs, spicy lambchops, pillowy soft naans and a baby aubergine lentil curry. Timothy, no stranger to Indian food, declared it the best curry he had ever had, high praise indeed.

I was all for a Beigel Bake salt beef special but comrades had reached their meat limit. It’s pretty much decided that #meatcrawl will become an annual event, even talk of making it sponsored. It was a shame not to slot a cooked breakfast into the mix, and empanadas and a trip to Moo! for lomitos will definitely feature next time.


2 thoughts on “#meatcrawl – burgers, brisket & Banglatown

  1. I hate you for this.

    Posted by Tom Miller | 06/06/2011, 5:20 pm
  2. Because you hate meat Tom, or because you love it and didn’t come with us?

    Posted by Martin Tiedemann | 06/06/2011, 5:31 pm

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